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An experience we will never forget
March 24, 2012

Da Lat natural attractions

Dalat boasts a great number of natural attractions, including waterfalls, mountains, and lakes.

Lang Biang Mountain (2,167m) is one of the two highest mountains in the plateau. The mountain is well known for its legend, a romantic story about a man named “Ho Biang” and a woman named “K’ Lang”. They fell in love with each other, but their love was doomed by the enmity between the two tribes. After their death, they were immortalized in this mountain with its two peaks named after them. Lang Biang Mountain lies 12km north of Dalat centre. A 3-hour hike on the paved path to its cloud-covered top will reward you fantastic views over Dalat and surrounding landscapes.

Valley of Love (Thung Lung Tinh Yeu) is said to be the most attractive destination in Dalat, especially for honeymooners. The landscape is beautifully carpeted with pine and flowers. Here you may step up to the top of the Vista Hill (Doi Vong Canh) to encompass the whole valley in view or enjoy a boat trip on the idyllic Da Thien Lake. 

Xuan Huong Lake is a hot spot right in the heart of Dalat. The lake is nicely surrounded with smooth lawns, pine forest and flower gardens, assuring an enjoyable stroll around. There is no entrance fee but you must pay rental fee should you want to boat. 

Lake of Sorrow or Lake of Sighs (Ho Than Tho) lies 6km northeast of the city centre. The lake is so called due to a sad story of two lovers. They made an oath to marry on the bank of this lake, but then the man joined the army. Soon after their separation, the woman was so tormented on hearing of his death that she committed to suicide into the lake. Ironically, the man came back alive. Learning the bad news of his ill-fated lover, he followed her plunging his body into the water. Their love was symbolized by two pine trees standing next to each other in the north fringe of the lake. This is especially a good place to take photographs as the woods are scattered and there is decent sunshine.

Tuyen Lam Lake is a stunning lake and maybe the largest one in Dalat. It is 5km south of the city centre and can be reached by following Highway 20, passing Prenn Hill & Dalanta Falls, turning left and continuing another 1km. It is an artificial reservoir, stretching over 350 hectares. You should not miss a relaxing boat trip to soak in fresh air and tranquility while indulging in fabulous views of green hills mirrored in sparkling water. You may also hike in nearby Elephant Mountain.

Prenn Falls lies at the foot of Prenn Pass, the gateway into Dalat. Actually, it is a must stop for any tour departing from Ho Chi Minh City. You may walk on the bridge behind it to watch the water pouring gently from above or wander around the Orchid Garden or the Garden of Solar Rocks.

Pongour Falls is located on Highway 20, around 30km south of the city. In wet season, it may expand to 100 meter wide and become one of the most impressive waterfalls all over Vietnam.

Dambri Falls is found half way to Dalat, 18km from Bao Loc town. It is a magnificent waterfall with 300-feet height. To reach its foot, you may use lift or follow a paved road, but better the second way for excellent view over rolling hills. You should also spend parts of your visit to explore surrounding woods or ethnic villages with their traditional weaving techniques.